What Happened to the Artistry?

What in the hell is going on with hip-hop today? As a woman, I can say that I feel hip-hop artists have weaned on reducing women to mere sexual objects, but at what costs? Artistry? The abominable hip-hop monster called Soulja Boy, has a new song out with Bow Wow called, “Marco Polo” that I could have fell out the damn chair when I heard it. WHAT. THE. F*CK??!?! What hallucinogenic drug did the music executives smoke before they passed a contract to him? Now I’ll admit, I did the lil’ superman dance when it first came out, but stopped once I realized what it was referencing and I did a lil’ dance to “Donk” when I heard the hook, but dammit I throw in the towel with “Marco Polo.” Did he really think adding Bow Wow to the track would make it hotter? Them gaudy LV shorts did not make the video hot either. (*Sigh, how nouveau riche, smh..* ) His music screams teeny bopper therefore No ONE over the age of 18 should be rushing to the dance floor to dance to his music, but you would be surprised at how many grown ass people break their necks to dance to a new Soulja Boy single. My people, we are definitely having a Pootie Tang moment. Can’t remember? Sorry, but I reference any tomfoolery/absurdity to the Pootie Tang movie, lol. Check the video:

This damn recession is getting to us all, we’ll listen to anything and in Soulja Boy’s case, nothing at all! If I see one more 8 year-old child that knows every lyric to this song than his ABC’s and 123’s I will scream! Parents get your ish together! And the music executives too!!!


~ by THE QUEEN on September 14, 2008.

One Response to “What Happened to the Artistry?”

  1. Gotta love soulja boy… specially when he looks like a mii character. ohh pool games with bow wow and soulja boy.


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