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so I’m back from my hiatus…

back to talk about this trend that’s taken off in the media for a while.

From Helena Andrew’s controversial memoir, “Bitch is the New Black,” to Chilli’s new reality show, “What Chilli Wants” and the specials with panelists who should be the last people to talk about what black women should do to get a man.

This idea that if you’re successful, female, and BLACK and you choose to set high standards, that you are doomed to a life of loneliness.  ALSO, that all black women are desperate to find men!!Do I think successful black women will have a harder time finding a mate?? YES, but we should not be made to feel that because we have went to school, got our degree(s), started our careers or on that path, that we will never find men of equal success. For years, there has always been the debate whether or not mothers should be career women or just stay at home moms,now, I feel that the focus has shifted to black women compromising our success and standards for companionship/love. We shouldn’t be made to feel that we have to settle for less to get a man. That idea is preposterous to me. Instead of telling me that I should lower my standards to get a man, how about telling that man that he needs to work harder to get the woman who’s already has it. So I’m going to try to stay up later tonight to watch this ABC Nightline special about single, successful black women, and why we can’t find men *side-eye*I’ll write my thoughts on it tomorrow.

~Until next time 🙂


Saturday Morning Laugh: Tiny & Toya Spoof

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Over at Bossip, I read about the incident that occurred between Journalist and White House Correspondent, April Ryan (left), and the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs recently and was really ashamed and disappointed. Basically, it started when April Ryan questioned Desiree Rogers, who happens to be the first black Social Secretary, performance as the Social Secretary prior to the Salahis crashing the White House party a few weeks ago. Rogers has been under scrutiny lately for her office’s role in the security mix-up that allowed the uninvited couple to get into the White House-mind you this is also a secret service problem as well. So once Ryan questioned Roger’s performance, she then proceeded to ask Gibbs if Rogers was trying to outshine Michelle Obama-outshining meaning, doing photo shoots (see last post) and fashion spreads. Some say that Gibbs tried to undermined Ryan, and some are even saying race was a factor, but I disagree completely. I thought her questions were irrelevant and unprofessional.  Maybe Gibbs comparing her to his five year-old was over the line, but in all Ryan took it there.  This incident disappointed me because I respected April Ryan as a black journalist and her accomplishment she made by being one of a handful of black White House correspondents even given that prestigious title. However, I feel like of all people who would call into question the performance of another black women, she would be the last person to do so.  She really made black Journalist and black women look bad.

Also, I started thinking about this incident in general, how one black women is basically trying to tear down the image of another black woman. This type of stuff still occurs, whether in the workplace or in this case, the media and its sad to tell you the truth. Being of a marginalized group, black women have always been given less and expected of doing less, so you would think that in this day in age we wouldn’t be tearing each other down, but instead trying to uplift one another.Have you ever found yourself in a position where another sista was giving you attitude for no reason? Trying to undermine your accomplishments? Put you down? Check the video below, and tell me what you think.

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BSD Spotlight: The Black Women of President Obama’s Administration

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Over at one of my favorite sites,, there’s a featured slide show of the black women who represent President Obama’s cabinet & administration:


Some of these women I was already familiar with (i.e. Valerie Jarrett, Desiree Rogers and Richmond’s own Melody Barnes), but I was always curious about the other black women who are also key players and are responsible for the everday operations of the White House. The slideshow features women such as Michelle Obama’s personal assistant, the Deputy White House Counsel and many others. Kudos to Essence for featuring these women!

Here’s the direct link:

Get motivated!


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JIMMYCHOOYou know how Beyonce says in all of her interviews that before she retires, she wants an Oscar, Grammy and a Tony???? Well, that’s pretty much how I feel about a pair of Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, and Zanottis.

SOOOO, I was pretty excited to hear that I would be close to owning a pair of Jimmy Choos one day when the line debuts for the retailer, H&M. Of course, the quality will not be the same as the real deal (i.e. “made in China” vs. “made in Italy”), but hey, the $49-200 price range will work well with my budget.


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The First Lady covers the December 2009 issue of Glamour Magazine. Looking fly on the cover rocking the trendy statement necklace and a bold red party dress-which she styled herself! Honored by the magazine as “Woman of the Year,” in the article, Mrs. Obama gives advice on everything from setting priorities in life and in relationships:

“Cute’s good. But cute only lasts for so long, and then it’s, Who are you as a person?  Don’t look at the bank book or the title. Look at the heart. Look at the soul. … When you’re dating a man, you should always feel good. … You shouldn’t be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t make you completely happy and make you feel whole.”

AMEN TO THAT! See this is why I love this woman so much, *tear*.

The issue hits newsstands November 10.



Yes, I said “Chrihannagate” lmao….


Robin Fenty’s, aka Rihanna, sit down interview with Diane Sawyer will air in its entirety on ABC’s 20/20, Friday, November 20th at 10pm. This will be Rihanna’s first major interview since the fiasco with Chris Brown happened. Excerpts from the interview will air this morning and Friday morning on Good Morning America, but since most of us won’t be watching that due to work or it’s just too early to wake up, check it out Friday night.

**sidenote**- UMMMMM, if I am going to do my FIRST major interview, with a MAJOR network channel and receive perhaps the most  publicity I probably will ever get, considering that the masses don’t follow the black blogs that much, you best believe that I am gonna look FLY!!! WTF does she have on!?!?!? I’ve seen her look 10x better in photo op pics walking down the street. The stylist definitely dropped the ball on this one….

Question For The Day

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I have been witnessing and observing things going to work, talking to friends, watching television and this question came to me:

Why is this idea of “ghettoness” and/or the ghetto lifestyle becoming so acceptable within the black community? Why is there a sense of normalcy to adapt into a ghetto lifestyle?

*For those who want to probe further, when I say GHETTO, I am referring to the act of doing something half-ass; a cheap like appearance and most importantly,  to embody an impoverished/poor/disadvantaged area through one’s actions.