Never Can Say Goodbye…..


Michael Jackson passed away last week and it still feel as if it never happened. MJ was one of those few people in entertainment that are TIMELESS, immortal, or in his words- INVICIBLE. You would never think anything could happen to him, so his passing is still shocking to me.  Yet, what’s even more shocking to me is lack of respect that the media has shown to this icon after his death. Despite being a world icon, musical genius, world humanitartian, philanthropist, etc., etc., it seems that the only thing the media outlets and entertainment shows want to focus on is his troubled life and the child molestation accusations (in which he was acquitted of).  Yes, Michael Jackson had a troubled life, but that is not his legacy. His legacy is the millions of people he inspired, influenced and affected through his music and philanthropy. There will never be another Michael Jackson and hopefully the media will quit focusing on whether or not he suffered from drug abuse and  realize all of the talent we lost too soon and will never get back.


~ by THE QUEEN on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “Never Can Say Goodbye…..”

  1. Note that he paid one of the accusers 22 million dollars, however. Would you do this if you were innocent?

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