How Do I Shop for Sneakers? (shame face)

Ummm, I must admit…I’m 22 years old and with the exception of some workout sneakers and old, out of style sneakers, I don’t own any. In high school, of course that’s all I wore, but when college came knocking, I ditched them. This was the time  that flats become popular again and buying a shoe for $20 versus an over $60 sneaker was great for a college student’s budget. But now I want some sneakers…nothing too crazy or too expensive, something that’s simple and combines femininity with versatility. Oh yea, and CHEAP!

Now that I stated what type of sneaker I want, I have to go buy some…I just have to build up the nerves to buy a pair. Since my mother has been a “recessionista” my entire life, I am paranoid about sneaker shopping. I have childhood flashbacks whenever I enter a sneaker store-thinking my mom is there and  will  hold up the cheapest and UGLIEST sneaker in the store and yell, “you want this?” “Why you don’t like this?” And my favorite, “if it’s not under $60, you ain’t getting it.” Imagine being a teen and your mom says that in front of everyone in the store, around other kids your age or the cute guy that worked there and just your luck is the one that  is helping you and witnesses your mom’s embarrassing antics. All I have to say is thank God Air Force Ones were in style and I fit a child’s 5.5 size to afford the $55 price, lol.

Back in my childhood days, I’ll admit, my mom did a fairlygood job keeping me up with the current shoe trends, but I always a few months late with them,or in the case of my Air Maxes, a few years late, lol. I remember the hottest sneakers back then were:

Grant Hill’s

Air Maxes


Reebok Classics

And a host of others, excluding the expensive Jordans that I knew I would NEVER get. I wouldn’t buy a pair now and I work, let alone my mother buying them!  If I had to grade her, I’ll give her a C+, lol.

So yea, I am just getting over my post traumatic, sneaker-shopping stress disorder. The question is, what type of sneakers are out there for a grown woman? On the search….

Have a “shopping with mom” embarassing story ? Post it. I have embarrassing stories for days!


~ by THE QUEEN on March 22, 2009.

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