Different = “Stylish??” Hmmmmmm…..

I’ve been noticing a trend going on ever since Kanye West made it cool to be fashionably different. It seems like there are people though who are misinterpreting the trend. In my opinion, I think its great when people assert their individuality, but there’s a fine line between being a trendsetter and a damn fool. I’m seeing club pictures of people trying to look different but it comes off as trying too hard and of course you wouldn’t be able to tell these people otherwise, they think they’re “stylish.” Style is effortless- no one should look at pictures of you and automatically sense you’re trying too hard. Your style is your signature- your look shouldn’t fluctuate like the weather-own it. I’ve  three celebrity subjects to  critique on this issue:
1. Kanye West– when Kanye first stepped on the scene he immediately defined his own look. He created the backpack trend which was characterized by an urban preppy look and his iconic LV logo backpack- instantly becoming an anomaly in the world of hip hop and hip hop fashion. A few years later, his look became more and more of his own: more refined, yet with a 80’s reminisce. HE mixes high end designer clothing with also obscure designers as well, in his lyrics he boasts shopping so much he can “speak Italian.” On any given day, West’s style can range from sophisticated and refined to quirky and obscure, yet the look is all his.








2. Kelis Kelis’ style was similar to that of Kanye’s- very eclectic. In the beginning of her career, her multicolored curly fro made a bigger impact than her actual style. It wasn’t until her second album that a style evolution took place with Kelis.  I don’t think there is another celebrity that personifies the saying “effortless style” like Kelis. Her look has always been hot to me and has never looked as if she’s trying too hard. She has always owned her look, especially with her famous hair.
When she boldly chopped off her hair in the “Bossy” video and switched it up-she had girls all over the country wanting the Kelis asymmetrical cut-LONG before Rihanna’s. I think its safe to say Kelis is the Little Richard of fashion and style; people know her style is HOT, but she doesn’t get her due props. Chick’s style is ridiculous and effortless and I love it. Swag for days!




3. Solange– Now Solange is what I like to call the “oddball” of the bunch. She is a star who hasn’t come into her own stylistically and it shows. Solange has her off and on days, but for the most part, she tries so desperately to not be compared to her sister, so she opts to make her look as different as possible, but she fails to pull it off. It screams, “I’m trying to be different.”  Some days her look is cute, but most days its like “what was she thinking?” One time
I remember seeing a picture of her with white powder drawn in her eyebrows!?! It was definitely a WTH moment.

~ by THE QUEEN on March 7, 2009.

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