All that **GlitTerS** Ain’t GOLD: My Thoughts on The Chrianna Saga

So I wanted to wait awhile until I atleast heard the official/legal word on what REALLY happened between Christopher Brown and Robyn Fenty (lol) before I put my two cents in on the situation. One of the DJs on the radio read the affadavit on the air and after hearing it, I think that both Rihanna and Chris need some serious counseling, more so Chris than Rihanna for obvious reasons. I mean the guy seriously went to work  on the poor girl. I saw the infamous picture, but hearing what he actually did to her was just shocking. I am still shocked that CB would do such a thing. AND what’s more shocking is seeing them TOGETHEEEEERRR parlaying in Diddy’s crib of all places!?! WHY? If someone gave me the biggest ass whooping of my life I’m sure as hell not going to be chilling with them days later. Secondly, if I gave someone the biggest ass whooping of their life I’m sure as hell not going to be photographed jetskiing and having the time of my life! Where’s his PR people? Clearly they haven’t schooled him on atleast looking remorseful in the public. Thirdly, I’m tired of all my famous VA people f*ing up! Seriously….Trey Songz betta not screw up next. 

SO MY VERDICT: I know they think they are”in love,”  but if he beat her that badly, which allegedly was not the first time, I don’t think that this one will be the last. And I’m constantly hearing people with the rumors: “she gave him an STD” or, “well she hit him first she should have got beaten,” etc., etc., The fact of the matter is, no woman deserves to get beaten PERIOD and especially the way that CB beat Rihanna. Self defense is understandable, but I seriously doubt that was the case in this situation. They need to chill-separately- for a while.

And a more serious note, this is what happens when children are raised in abusive homes. Both Chris Brown and Rihanna have gone on record saying they have witnessed abuse in their families in some form. Women, never allow yourself to be in an abusive relationship period and most certainly when there are children involved. You risk your child’s future and their livelihood. I’m in no place to place blame on anyone, but what if CB’s mom was not in abusive relationship when he was young? Maybe the outcome would have been different.


~ by THE QUEEN on March 7, 2009.

One Response to “All that **GlitTerS** Ain’t GOLD: My Thoughts on The Chrianna Saga”

  1. This situation saddens me on so many levels. If nothing else, the double standard thing has and forever will bother me. Setting this situation to the side, how is a man supposed to defend himself against a violent woman — if that be the case. My boyfriend is currently doing a paper on the man’s side of domestic violence and it’s really opened my eyes. Do you know only 3% of domestic violemce calls made by men result in the woman being arrested?! In the other 97% the man is either arrested or ridiculed. It’s like a man calling rape. So what happens if a man is consistetly being battered and because of society chooses to keep his mouth shut?? And, we don’t hear about it until he retaliates. One of my girlfriends at this moment are on probation for reacting violently to her husband. All I’m saying is we should all let it rest and let justice do it’s thing — if it can. Because as official as an affidavit can be …it’s still only one side of the story.

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