(I’m updating my blog FINALLY after having some computer troubles and for the record I HATE the way my blog  layout pictures!)

Fashion Week has ended and alot of designers either scaled back (Baby Phat) or pulled out altogether due to this “recession” …..I don’t want to overload my blog with the pics, but you can check out all the Spring collections at  I have a few favorites, but as far as the trends, here are my picks:


Floral Prints– Whether its huge floral prints or small, this trend has been seen mostly on dresses: straight-maxi dresses or billowy dresses. wek-dvf


Alek Wek- DIANE von Furstenberg Spr ’09

Oversized Necklaces– Costume jewelry is popular again, always for me though :-), and oversized necklaces  are the new crave. With an oversized necklace you don’t have to worry about wearing any other bold accessory.


EMBELLISHMENTS!!!– Sequins, bejeweled necklines and hems, crystals, etc, etc. This trend is paying an homage to the early 90’s. I saw a sequined dress in Elle Magazine that looked similar to something my mom use to wear, it was a little weird to think that could be fashionable again…

lopez-annasuiSessilee Lopez-Anna Sui Spr ’09

Jumpsuits/Jumpers-One piece suits, typically loose  and satin material, can be worn casually with sandals or  dressed up with heels. They are great for women who aren’t fond of dresses.




Chanel Iman-Dsquared² Spr ’09

“Peplum” Dresses– In the Fall ’08 trend post I wrote, I mentioned that looks from the ’40s would be revived this year and it has with the “peplum” dress.  The peplum dress is a overskirt that is attached to a jacket or bodice of a dress/skirt set. For those who are top heavy (inverted triangle), this dress is perfect for your body type because it draws more attention to the your bottom half, gives the allusion of hips and also makes you appear more proportionate.


Loose Clothing/”Boyfriend Look”– This is my favorite trend of the season because its comfortable and it proves my point that tight doesn’t necessarily mean “sexy” or “fashionable”. This trend is basically defined as clothing your boyfriend might wear or masculine pieces: baggy  and distressed jeans, loose blazers, comfy tees,or  loose sweater cardigans and harem pants. Amp up the femininity with accessories and heels.


Spring ’09 Shoe Trends:

Updated Gladiator Sandals

Stacked Heels


Embellished Flats


~ by THE QUEEN on February 22, 2009.

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