I’ve been slacking on BSD BIG TIME… Its a recession and I’ve been “grindin” (hate the term bc of its over-usage, but that’s what I’ve been doing) trying to make these dollars holler and thats all i have too, DOLLERS! LOL. I’ve missed so many events going on, including the Chris Brown and Rihanna debacle.  To sum up how I feel about that-what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Moving on…I had a few ideas for a Valentine’s Day post that I never got the chance to do..sigh. ANNND I missed out commenting on The Grammys this year with my 25 questions, something I try to do with all the televised award shows. Furthermore, even though I celebrate it EVERY month, Black History Month is celebrated primarily in February, so I will try to add some Black History info to my blog this week.  So to those who check in to BSD on the regular, sorry for the neglect 😦 I will dedicate my day off to catching up on blogging and OF COURSE some R&R.


~ by THE QUEEN on February 16, 2009.

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