HOUSE OF STYLE COMEBACK? Our Generation’s Fashion Crisis

While I was surfing one of my favorite blogs, The Fashion Bomb, I read that MTV’s House of Style is making a comeback! The show was very popular back in the ’90s when MTV had substance.

And not only that, but Chanel Iman quite possibly could be the host!!!!!!! chaneliman1

:-D:-D. To the fashion illiterate, Supermodel Cindy Crawford hosted this show! This is definitely a good look for Ms. Iman. This is all according to New York Times Page Six and if it is indeed true, I cannot wait until it airs! Even though I was young, I loved the show back then and now that I am older I will love it more.

I think this is the perfect time for this kind of show, fashion is changing and it needs to documented. I’ve always had a theory and I actually wrote an article about- that in hard times is when fashion thrives. Hard times give way to creativity and this was evident in the ’80s during Reaganomics. With the presidency of Ronald Reagan sending nearly everyone into the poor house with his bogus economic policies and high unemployment rates, hip-hop emerged and the culture was created. Lets take a look at 80s hip hop via Salt-N-Pepa, their look sums up the look of the ’80s. The previously worn jeans were slashed and bleached creating an entire different look.


While we created new looks, we also incorporated and modernized looks from the past decades, especially those of the Black Arts Movement of the ’60s-  wearing garb and accessories with West-African prints and textiles:saltnpepa22

As we all know, black folks never completely go without or in this case “fresh” gear. There were splurges on the gold rope chains, bamboo/doorknocker earrings, sneakers and leather jackets.


So with that said, I think our generation is having a fashion identity crisis. True, we have had new fashion trends come and go, but for the most part, we have recycled trends from past decades so far. Will this recession be a benefit to us afterall? (Fashion wise of course.) Will we emerge with a new fashion-cultural movement?


~ by THE QUEEN on January 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “HOUSE OF STYLE COMEBACK? Our Generation’s Fashion Crisis”

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