“Moisturizing My Situation”

Normally I don’t get too personal with the posts, but I have never had so many mood changes in my life today. I was ecstastic, anxious, content, bored, frustrated, angry, depressed, etc., it was crazy…..

I felt like pointing that out….anyways, I’m looking for some skincare products for my face. I have extremely dry skin and its like no matter what I use, my skin still looks dull and dry looking *how dreadful* So I went to one of my favorite sites, Sephora.com, to look for products suitable for my skin type. Normally when I’m ever at the mall, I do the “just looking” in Sephora or test the samples because their products are expensive, but its time to invest in some GOOD products. I narrowed down my search to this line by Philosophy, called “Hope In A Jar.” Its Sephora’s skincare bestseller and at $78 for the set that I want, it might be my last hope too..


I like their motto, “makeup optional” I think this is clever. I read the reviews and I might take the plunge and get the entire kit…MAYBE..


~ by THE QUEEN on January 26, 2009.

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