Inauguration Prep

Inauguration Day is slowing approaching and forecasters are predicting it to be a very frigid day.  Temperatures are reaching no higher than mid-30s, so bundle up! Several weather sites have suggested the following:

  • Wearing several layers-Long Johns will come in handy afterall. Fabrics such as thermals, wool and fleece are great for this kind of weather. If you go outside and immediately get a chill, chances are you aren’t properly insulated.
  • Warmth and comfort over style– I think this is the only occasion where this rule applies, especially in regards to shoes. The average person who attends the inauguration will probably be on foot for atleast six to eight  hours! Therefore dress appropriately and wear proper shoes- something that WON’T give you blisters or a collapsed arch at the end of the day. You can showcase your sense of style through a scarf/glove set or a nice coat.
  • Wear loose clothing-leave the tight stuff at home. I learned that loose clothing in cold weather create “pockets” or hot spots that keeps you warm. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable, so definitely break out the sweats.


  • Backpacks  or large duffel bags
  • Umbrellas
  • Strollers
  • Posters
  • Coolers

Considering that backpacks or large bags are prohibited, try to limit what you bring. Matter of fact, I would suggest to not bring a bag at all, take advantage of the pockets on all those layers you should be wearing. Or if you have a camera case, try storing IDs/debit card and cash in there. Try limiting the items you’ll bring down to only your cell phone, camera, some cash, aspirin and of course chapstick! (lol). I also suggest to plan ahead and purchase things BEFORE you reach D.C. This includes going to the ATM ahead of time to get cash because chances are the ATM lines in D.C. are going to be crazy. Plan accordingly.

Going shopping today? Pick up some of these items:

Hat, glove and scarf sets are a MUST for Tuesday. Wear a coat with a hood for added warmth. And chug down some Emergen-C before going out in the cold, mix in with water and drink- its packed with Vitamins and protects you from any potential cold- chicken noodle soup, OJ and Red Bull all in one! And you already know about the hand sanitizer…

To those who aren’t taking the trek to D.C., check your local newspaper for special events going on in your area. In Richmond, there are several clubs and theatres using their venues as a screening place for the Inauguration that’s open to the public.

A few places to go in Richmond:

  • Style Weekly is throwing an Inauguration Watch Party @ Toad’s Place from 11am-2pm. All tables are first come-first serve so RSVP by emailing Check out the site here.
  • Byrd Theatre, in conjunction with News Channel 6 (WTVR), will be presenting the Inauguration on Tuesday that will be open to the public (free) from 10am-1pm.
  • Club After 6 will be throwing an Inauguration Day Party from 9am-1pm.
  • I’ve also being hearing about the Cotton Club having an Inauguration Watch Party. I’m not sure about this, I wasn’t able to find any info.

Like some people out there, I am not sure whether or not I’ll be in attendance for Inauguration, I’m trying my hardest to get there though-and by the way CNN is NOT helping! >:-o. They are rubbing it in MAJOR. So to those who are going, have fun, be safe and PLEASE have patience- it will be a cold, hectic, yet historical day.


~ by THE QUEEN on January 18, 2009.

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