About a year ago while still in school, I bought a book for a class and we never got around to reading it. I kept the book because it sound interesting and I thought I would eventually get to it down the road. A few months later I learned that one of my favorite artists in this WORLD, Jill Scott, would be starring in the lead role of the protagonist from the novel.

Well, that book is The Kalahari Typing School for Men….


which is fourth novel under The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency novel series by Alexander McCall Smith and HBO has produced a TV series of the novel!


Jill on set of the TV series, playing Detective Mma Precious Ramotswe

So I when I found out about this months ago, I pulled out the book from the shelf and began reading, but never finished. While blog surfing last name I found out Jill was pregnant!!!! OMG…So happy for her! If I was exiled to a secluded island and could take any musical artists on an island with me.. it would be Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Earth, Wind and Fire….hands down. Nobody’s music gets to me the way their music does, they all have songs for every possible emotion you go through…. its a beautiful thing.

jillscott1Jill with her boo/fianceé, get it!

Can’t wait ’til HBO airs the series!


~ by THE QUEEN on January 11, 2009.

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