vnity6Left to right: Susan Moonsie, Denise Matthews (Vanity) and Brenda Bennett

Vanity 6 was a hot female group in the ’80s. Since they were formed by the artist formerly known as PRINCE (lol), of course they were raunchy and had an edge. Alledgedly their name derives from Prince saying that looking at Matthews was like looking at female version of himself and the “6” comes from their breast count, hence Vanity 6. Sorta like Danity Kane, but Vanity 6 had a legit meaning. They are the originators of the “Nasty Girl” track that Britney Spears eventually covered a few years back. I love the song, its one of those catwalk classics you must have in a fashion show because the beat is sick. I like to listen to it while I’m getting dressed to go out-makes you feel like the sh*t! LOL. Unfortunately this is the only pic I could find of them that was big enough and I hate it, but the “Nasty Girl” Video is below. Enjoy!

Notice how we recycle style trends from past decades? lol, have a good weekend!


~ by THE QUEEN on January 9, 2009.

One Response to “GIRL ANTHEM: VANITY 6’s “NASTY GIRL””

  1. Vanity 6 will always be my favorite girl group! Forget the Mary Jane Girls! Rick James is dead…Prince still lives!

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