Is Ignorance In The Water These Days??????????

This video isn’t worth watching in its entirety, just begin watching at the 6:30 mark. That’s when “fish lips” aka Ne-Yo says some messed up ish. I peeped it over on the Sandra Rose website and shook my head in disgust once I viewed it. PEOPLE, we’re two weeks away from entering the year 2009!!!! This color complex shit needs to stop seriously, its not 1809. Black is beautiful in all its forms, if you are going around selecting people to procreate with based primarily on their skin color then something is wrong with you and you need to be shot in the ass!!

Dear Ne-Yo, I didn’t like you before and I most certainly don’t like you now! You and Yung Berg, along with  his fake ass chain and the millions of other black people out there still stuck on color should be put in a time machine and launched back to the 19th century with that BS! Something tells me he was serious about what he said, but of course when he catches slack about this, his reaction will be ,”oh, I was only joking.”

And P.S.- just because you’re “lightskinned” does not mean you are automatically pretty. Ugliness is colorblind and effects all colors and races, as well as personalities, including yours.


~ by THE QUEEN on December 18, 2008.

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