ATTENTION GENTLEMEN: How To Shop For Your Ladies!

I recently had a conversation with a male friend about Christmas shopping. He himself had done a good job knowing exactly what to get for the special people in his life, but what about the millions of men out there who have no clue how to select an appropriate gift for important people. It is during this season that many men find themselves shopping for the people in their lives all at once- a friend, family member, significant other or even co-workers. For those men who are in relationships, gift buying only comes three times a year: Valentine’s Day, GF’s birthday and Christmas. However, Christmas is that awkward, yet special day.Its not Valentine’s Day, so he can’t buy the usual, lingerie, card, chocolates and flowers combination, or a “sexy” gift. Its not her birthday when he has to plan to do something in substitution of buying a big gift; one must get creative and think outside “the box” (see video below, lol). Christmas is that special day when it seems like finding the perfect gift for a girlfriend is a test of how much you really know them. The wrong color, wrong size, or a gift that says nothing about the significant other shows a lack of thoughtfulness. To avoid this, I have come up with my own list of guidelines to help the guys out there who become clueless around the Christmas season.

1. Know your girlfriend’s interests-pretty basic stuff here. By knowing your girlfriend’s interest, you will avoid getting her some generic gift that shows laziness on your part. For guys who have been in longer relationships, there are no excuses. The longer you have been in relationship with your lady, you should be well aware of her interests. Buying her something that she wants or actually needs will show that you really took the time to find something special.

2. Do your “research”– for guys who haven’t been in a really long relationship with your gf, look around her apartment, her room, pay attention to the clues she’s been handing out because 9 times out of 10, your girl has been throwing out hints for Xmas gifts since after Thanksgiving.

3. Ask her friends or close relatives– For guys who weren’t successful with #1 and #2, ask her friends and relatives. These are people who know her really well and in some cases, have known her longer than you have and could help give you some ideas on what to give her.

4. Avoid clothing– Unless you are her personal stylist, avoid buying her clothing. I’m being sexist when I say that men cannot shop for women! As much as you have observed what she has been wearing for however many years you guys have been dating, men are unsuccessful when it comes to buying women’s clothing. Its one thing to buy lingerie which are undergarments and are covered up-clothing is entirely different. Generally, women prefer to shop for their own clothing. There are exceptions though; if she previously had shown you something she wanted in the store she wanted  really badly and it wasn’t just a generic statement like, “oh that’s cute”- then BUY IT and make sure you remembered her size!

5. When all else fails, there’s always jewelry!!! It’s true, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But for all the guys who are on budget this Christmas, there is jewelry out there that is budget friendly. You can opt for bracelets, necklaces or earrings. I would avoid rings for obvious reasons, unless you want to experience that 10 minutes of awkwardness after she discovers that you aren’t really proposing. Get something that is personal and I am not talking about the jewelry with your girl’s name on it, that trend is over!  I’m talking about jewelry that reflects who she is, for example, birthstone jewelry. Charm bracelets are ideal to, but make sure you purchase charms that particularly shows her interests. Plus, know whether or not she’s a silver or gold girl or neither- some girls aren’t that particular or some prefer other types of jewelry like marcasite, pearl or turquoise. And PLEASE…whatever you do, make sure its not too flashy and REAL !!!

Legit places to buy inexpensive jewelry:

  • Kohl’s Department Stores
  • TJ Maxx

I hope this post will be helpful to all who read.  Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, but you have to know who it is that you are shopping for first. For the guys who still are clueless, I’ll put it like this- women like gifts that shows thoughtfulness; that looks like it took more than 5minutes to get. How much you paid for an item doesn’t matter to women- you can pay a whole lot of money for a crappy gift that looks like you put no effort in trying to see if it was the right gift.


You will get a hot bowl of grits thrown on you. And lastly, if you know you didn’t put any effort into your gift, never asks if she likes it, because either way, she will always say yes, but deep down she’s gonna be like, “this muthaf**ka!”



~ by THE QUEEN on December 16, 2008.

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