Brown Sista Spotlight: Lola Ogunnaike

On my blog, I like to showcase women whom I believe are notable in their field of study, whether it be the arts, politics, entertainment, etc, etc. My field of study is in writing/communications, so I like to see black women doing big things in that area. It’s sorta an inspirational thing for me as a young aspiring writer.

ogunnaikelolaI’ve noticed Lola Ogunnaike for a awhile, especially when she was with Vibe Magazine, but since I’m an avid watcher of CNN now, I was pleased to see that she stepped in front of the cameras to become a correspondent for the cable news network. I wanted to find out more about Lola, so I did some “research” (i.e. stalking) hehe. I almost fell out my chair when I found out she’s a fellow Wahoo!!! UVA!! Ironically, one day when I was watching her on CNN, I said, she seems like she could have graduated from UVA (I don’t know, UVA alums just have a distinctive demeanor, it’s just something about us…haha). According to Wikipedia, she also studied Enlish Lit, (like me :-)) and went on to receive her Master’s in Journalism from NYU. She’s written several articles for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Glamour and V Magazine. Currently on CNN, she reports on entertainment and pop culture on their morning segment, American Morning. I’m assuming her background is Nigerian based on her last name, so she’s not only a great role model for black women as a whole, but she’s also putting out a good image of African women as well. Hopefully one day Lola will be anchoring one of the segments on CNN, it will be a good look! So far, she has accomplished a great deal and serves as a huge inspiration to me and other writers/journalists as well.


~ by THE QUEEN on December 10, 2008.

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