KRS-One and DJ Kid Capri Discuss Plans for New Hip-Hop Channel

Since Free and AJ left 106 & Park, I’ve had a problem with BET. Since Hits left, I’ve had a problem with BET.  Since I last checked to see if Terrance and Rocsi were still hosting, I’ve had a problem with BET. And since Bob Johnson sold it to media conglomerate Viacom, I’ve had a bigger problem with BET. It seems like since that sale, BET’s tomfoolery factor increased 70%, ( only seventy percent thanks to the Jeff Johnson, AKA, “Cousin Jeff” programs/specials that still air time to time). There is nothing positive of the channel, I remember shows like Teen Summit and Heart & Soul that addressed social and health issues in the black community. Nowadays, BET is filled with so many programs that portray so many negative images of black people, I DON’T watch it (ok, I do watch Keyshia Cole just to get a quick laugh at Frankie). But that’s my point, there’s never a balance between the positive and the less than positive on BET. If I see Baby Boy or Soul Plane on the blackbuster movie night one more time I’ll scream.

I think it’s time for a change and so does KRS One and Kid Capri. They’re in partnership to create a TV network geared to “fair and balanced” hip-hop. They went on FOX news, ironically, to discuss their plans. I think KRS-One hit the nail on the head discussing the Don Imus controversy within the black community at the 3:30 mark. As black people we need to take responsibility for what we say and do too and not just attack others who do the same, and for the record I am in NO way defending Old Imus, he knew he was wrong for that ish.

I hope they really make this channel happen, it would be a good look for the hip-hop community. When I was looking at this clip, I couldn’t help but to remember how much I loved KRS One growing up. My aunt had all the ’80s hip hop albums and he was one of the artists she had. This post reminds me of his track, “You Must Learn,” from back in the day.  It’s one of my favorite hip-hop tracks because of its message, check it out:

See that’s why I cannot be a teacher, they would do the same thing to me. Kids want to know the truth, and I’ll tell them the truth and not the school version.  Furthermore, instead of me teaching kids how to take standardized tests and filling in bubbles, I’d probably be the rebel teacher, teaching the kiddies, umm, I don’t know, how to READ and WRITE on their grade level and basic grammar and arithmetic skills. Yeah, I’d be such a rebel teacher, I wouldn’t stand a chance in the public school system :-\


~ by THE QUEEN on December 2, 2008.

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