“The Reunion”


By now, I don’t have to say the entire title, I can safely say, “the reunion” and everyone should know by now. It was pure entertainment!!! I’m so mad BRAVO didn’t air the fight between Lisa and Kim, but at the same time I am glad they didn’t (angry black woman attacks “innocent” white women) unfortunately you know how that goes….I liked Kim, but if she’s telling people the reason why a mother (Lisa) doesn’t have custody of her two older children because of a drug addiction, then she deserved to get that a$$ whooped. Like Obama says, “family is off limits!”  Now, I loved when Nene popped off on Kim, matter of fact, Kim popped off at the mouth first by calling Nene the b word. I’m glad she called Kim out on basically having an affair with a married man and how he will never divorce his wife, haha.***so high school dramaish*** DeShawn was her usual, “this isn’t a characteristic of elite society in Atlanta” self; she only talked when Andy asked her a question. I feel like there is another side of DeShawn waiting to come out.  And Sheree was…Sheree, fake as hell, putting on the kill ’em with kindness act.

BUT, the best part of the reunion was seeing my boo, Dwight, come floating in the room with a #2 Remi Indian sew-in, HILARIOUS! Whenever the second season comes on, I hope that his life is profiled more. Apparently, he owns his own hair salon in ATL and he shot a pilot for a reality show himself. He’s not as funny on this clip as he is on the Housewives, nevertheless, it’s Dwight.


~ by THE QUEEN on November 27, 2008.

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