2008 AMA’s: 20 Questions

The American Music Awards came on Sunday night, and….ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz, I just woke up from it. I did get an energy jolt from Beyonce’s performance of course, but fell back into my comatose state afterwards. Here are my questions that were left unanswered.

20. Who gave Justin Timberlake the six-year old boy haircut?
19. Was it the same person who cut Xtina’s (Christina Augilera) bangs?
18. Who was the drunk guy that introduce Pink?
17. Shouldn’t we put T-Pain in a Tomfoolery box and ship him back to Tallahassee?
16. Although she can be a bit annoying sometimes, wasn’t Miley Cyrus’ performance kinda hot?
15. Was I the only one not feeling Rihanna’s red carpet, Zac Posen ensemble?
14. Was that paper confetti suppose to fall down after ColdPlay’s performance?
13. What were they singing about?
12. Did Nick Cannon REALLY have to come onstage with his “wife?”
11. After 20 years of the same look, can Mariah Carey get a new one?
10. With all the teenybopper acts/artists/groups in attendance, doesn’t it feel like 1998 all over again?
9. Wasn’t the Jonas Brothers performance song answering Taylor Swifts’ performance song?
8. Why does Jamie Foxx always seem HIGH or DRUNK when he’s presenting an award?!?!
7. Wasn’t Pink the best dressed of the night with her red carpet and performance looks?
6. Why did the only sista in Pussycat Dolls have a wardrobe malfunction???
5. Was it a conspiracy??
4. Rihanna’s bedazzled eye patch????
3. WHYYYYY did Kanye say he wants to be like Elvis???
2. Why did Chris Brown win the Artist of the Year award?

1.????? LMAO



~ by THE QUEEN on November 25, 2008.

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