Magazine Nostalgia

I’ve always had an obsession with magazines. I remember the first magazine that I ever got that was geared to girls my age. I grew up in the Dawson’s Creek era- so I was a huge fan of the show ( TEAM JOEY/PACEY!!). When I heard that Katie Holmes would be on the premiere issue of this new magazine for teens, YM, and that she would be interviewed by the show’s creator, Kevin Williamson, I told my mom to buy it, and that’s the only time I “told” my mom to do anything, lol. After my constant bugging her she bought it and ever since that issue, I’ve been a magazine fanatic. I still have that issue in my “magazine vault” (i.e. a milk crate), and it’s definitely 10 years old. Don’t believe me:


I wasn’t lying.. Yea, I had every teen magazine you can think of, Teen People, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, YM, etc. I had some nostalgia this morning, particularly though for the magazines geared towards young black women, or as Michaela Angela Davis would say, “urbanistas.” Remember Suede, or Honey Magazine ?


If you aren’t a magazine fan as I am, then you probably won’t, they weren’t in publication for too long. I had an actual subscription to Honey Magazine and still have a few copies. Suede was definitely an innovative magazine, especially in terms of layout. Sometimes their spreads were a little too busy with the graphics, but for the most part the magazine as a whole was very creative.This was particularly my favorite shoot from Suede Magazine featuring representatives from all the black/latin sororities in a Greek themed fashion spread:


It was very creative and well thought out. I loved both magazines and I miss seeing them on the stands or in the grocery store. Vibe Vixen had a few issues before they too was taken off the stands… SIGH… who will fill this void that I am feeling? I loved them as a 14 year-old girl, but sometimes the articles were probably a little too mature for me to relate to or understand. However, being much older now, I find myself digging in the “magazine vault” to reread these articles that I might had skipped over because I couldn’t relate. I miss my urbanista mags..BRING THEM BACK!! Essence can only do so much for me. Apparently, according to Wiki, because we all know Wiki is a credible “source” haha, their target is women between the ages of 18 to 49. That’s a whollllee lot of years to try to span and cover in one issue each month. And quite frankly, I think Essence is really geared towards married women with children and all that comes with that. Sometimes I just cannot relate. And the fashions?? Too expensive for a girl fresh out of college and just starting her career and/or trying to build one. I do read  CLUTCH ONLINE MAGAZINE.


They offer great advice and their articles are great, but I just need ONE PUBLICATED magazine that is targeted towards young black women between the ages of 18-30. Online magazines such as Clutch or blogs are probably the kyrptonite to the publication world and print media. I guess me and millions of other women with blogs are really trying to fill the void that black publications have left open. I’m trying to bring back the joy I felt bringing home a new issue of a magazine that I could flip through the pages and see women LIKE ME, read articles that were specifically made for women LIKE ME. It’s only so much I can get out of mainstream magazines and most of the time its just looking at the new season fashions that I can’t even afford, only wishful thinking. Furthermore, the “all black issue” or “all black model” trend will eventually become played out and will become more like exploitation to garner sales rather than make a difference.  Anyway, is there a new magazine that I don’t know about??? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Until then,Brown Sugar Diaries and my other favorite blogs will be able to pacify me.

Signing off, a magazine fan in distress



~ by THE QUEEN on November 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Magazine Nostalgia”

  1. So! I stumbled across your wonderful site and I see this! How sweet. This is Dede from Clutch and honey I feel your pain. I miss my glossies too. Hopefully, one day Clutch will be in print. Thanks for the love sis and I will be back.

    xoxo, Dede

  2. Hi Dede, thanks so much for the compliment and thanks for checking out my blog! Clutch magazine is one of my faves that I check daily! Good luck on getting Clutch in print, I will definitely get a subscription when it happens.:-)

    ~The Queen

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