ITSSSSSS OFFICIAL!!!!! well its been “official”

I’m mad late on blogging about this historical event that has taken place. I can’t believe that I am around to witness the history that was made November 4, 2008 and the history that will continue to be made.


Barack Hussein Obama is now the new “President-Elect” of the United States of America!!!!!! Since I can’t wait until January 20th, I will say he is my President. It was so inspiring seeing so many people out in the streets rejoicing, doing the electric slide, doing everything when California gave Obama the electoral votes he needed to win the election. I noticed when the Obamas came out to address the crowd in Chicago, they looked official…like America’s first family. Not only that but, VP Elect Joe Biden’s family as well. Their families together is truly a symbol of their entire campaign so far: change, diversity, etc. Especially Michelle, she looked so FAB with her Narciso Rodriguez dress on!!! A true first lady indeed.


America’s First Family 🙂

And now I must address the haters….To all the people who keep saying the only reason he won is because black people voted for him, know your facts!  It wasn’t just the “black vote,” matter of fact, more whites came out to vote and voted for Barack Obama than they did for Bill Clinton in both elections. Even though the black turnout vote was 95%, we still did not have enough votes as whites. So let it be known, it wasn’t a black thing… Everybody wanted this man to win, it was a LANDSLIDE VICTORY, I think I can safely say “everybody” :-). Secondly, all these Facebook groups popping up, asking for the impeachment of Obama, let me remind you who has been in office for EIGHT YEARS (8!!) and the current status of America right now. Since “Dubya” has been in office, the unemployment rate has SKYROCKETED, the value of the American dollar is like playdough in comparison to other international currencies, we are getting closer and closer to a recession and our relationships with other countries are f*ed up. Furthermore, you can add the government response to Hurricane Katrina, lying to Americans just to go to war, BUSHISMS, etc., etc. And you want to impeach a man who wants to bring equality and stability back to our country???

At the end of the day though, as he so eloquently stated in his acceptance speech, HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT!! ACCEPT IT!!  January 20, 2009 only a few months away!!


~ by THE QUEEN on November 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “ITSSSSSS OFFICIAL!!!!! well its been “official””

  1. Those unfortunately were from the left. McCain even spearheaded his own campaign to NOT speak on Wright (a dumb thing though not racist). Racism is the left’s ranting which makes the moderate squirm.
    And to the “landslide”, did you know that if McCain had even what Bush got in 2004, he would have had 6 MILLION (yeah, you heard me right) more votes.
    We had less votes than in 2004! No, it was more that the Republican candidate was so disappointing.

    Lastly, on to Bush’s career: He kept us safe from any attacks since 9/11. He actually brought the national debt (less than half a trillion) and unemployment rate to its lowest point in decades (Perfect 4.1%). In fact, one could easily point out that the cause of this recession is completely on the left’s tabs. The market-to-market rules forced the big business to UNDERVALUE their assets. The Reinvestment act forced banks to loan risky loans. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack were headed by liberals and their policies. Fanny and Freddie were government programs that failed, not capitalism.

  2. First off, thanks for taking the time out to visit my blog or atleast reading my post! Secondly, where in my post did I mention ANYTHING about Rev. Wright?? Even if McCain brought up Rev. Wright in his campaign he still would have LOST. And most importantly, racism isn’t the “left’s ranting.” Racism is unfortunately an act that is still practiced to this very day that make moderists like you, I’m assuming, squirm because you are aware that it DOES still exist yet breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to encounter it everyday. Encountering RACISM on a daily basis during his lifetime is what propelled Rev. Wright to say the things he said about America and it was RACISM that made many people in McCain’s camp attach President Obama’s name to stereotypes associated with a black man (i.e. Radical).Racism is what kept Obama from saying and doing things during his campaign that McCain could do and get away with.

    Secondly, to your point about if McCain HAD Bush’s votes from 2004 he would have 6million more votes…Not to sound too smart, but what polling are YOU looking at? And what point were you trying to prove to me?? We don’t add in votes from previous elections, and even if we did, Obama would still have more votes regardless of however many votes Bush had in 2004, the bottom line is Obama himself, ALONE, garnered more votes EVER in the history of Presidential elections. He had three million MORE votes than Bush in the 2004 elections (yea, you heard me right, THREE). If you want exact numbers, please step your researching game up and visit CNN’s website. So I don’t know where you are getting your stats from, but I think you should discontinue.

    Lastly, I don’t even know where to get started on your last paragraph on Bush’s “career.” I shouldn’t even waste time commenting because it’s a JOKE to me. Did you really say he kept us safe since 9/11!!?!?!? He’s kept Osama Bin Laden and his family safe too since 9/11 I see. Let’s be real, how many years we’ve been at war and why haven’t we caught Bin Laden? Why are we even in Iraq when the whole purpose of going to war in the first place was to catch the terrorists in AFGHANISTAN not Iraq. And what decade have you crawled out of to insist that Bush lowered the unemployment rate? Unemployment rate is up 6.5%, the highest in 14years. And don’t blame the inevitable (recession) on the “left side.” Everyone had a role in creating this hole we’ve dug for ourselves. However, as our President-Elect Obama stated, Bush, “had the shovel.” Because Bush is our President, our “Captain” and has been our President for eight years, he and his cabinet, that HE appointed, should have known what direction they were steering this country into. Yet for eight years, he led us in a war under false pretenses, spent our money in a country that has a surplus of money, sat on his ass in a classroom while his country was being attacked, continued to sit on his ass when an American city was destroyed and millions of American citizens were treated like second class citizens and forced to live like people from third world countries. Plus, HE DID LEAVE OUR CHILDREN BEHIND! Now Clifton, before I go I think I need to mention what is most important here and what I’ve waited to say untl the very end and that is…. McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time!!!!

    Peace & Obama!! 
    ***the Queen***

  3. (Note: I mentioned the Wright thing because I, like many on the right thought that McCain was too soft on presenting his views and fairly made Obama appear more competent, in that regard)
    Well, seeing as McCain, if he just what Bush managed to get in ’04 he would have picked up 4 million more votes. So the 6 million I heard about on the Radio (I haven’t been able to locate the actual source) about 6 million sounds about right.

    P.S. Obama voted almost 100% of the time with his party and has picked people who have been around the scene before. Change? I think not. What you will get is more of the Left agenda, and the extreme part of it (‘though disappointingly not that extreme to the left’).

    Also, don’t judge Bush for things you don’t comprehend. Do you know how hard it is to find a man in Iraq who’s camouflaged? Or do you think hid and seek is really easy? I suggest you try it once. Point is, he’s one man among a million, like finding a nail in a hay stack, and he’s not moving.

  4. I think people have every right to judge Bush because of the fact that NO ONE could comprehend a damn thing he was doing. He had no justification as to why he went into Iraq besides a hunch. As a president, you need to inform your country on such things as this, not to say that we should be told everything because that just wont happen, but I think we should have a basic understanding because in the end it affects everyone. And who is to say that he is still in Iraq? That man could be numerous places right now, including chilling in the White House. The point is, the people chose who they wanted for President, whether it was by 80% or 55%. It was tight with Bush election so I suggest you get over it. I didn’t want Bush to be elected but I had to deal with it, and look at the position he has put us in. No use in crying anymore about it. Clearly the 6 million or whatever amount it really was wasn’t enough this time.

    And any person that is associated with a party is going to vote with their party the majority of the time, that’s why you commit to a party, because of shared beliefs. But the difference is that McCain voted over 90% of the time with an administration who ran this country into the ground. And that is what this country has had enough of.

  5. OK, I never said you can’t judge his career, but dear friend, I was commenting on passing judgment for his lack of catching Bin Ladin, as if with terrorists he was casually trying to catch them. Judge a man by the choices he has complete control over.

    Also, the point with six million was that the Republican Party is in serious trouble. McCain was that bad of a candidate that they didn’t vote!

    P.S., I am under the conclusion that Obama will be my President. As such, he has my support as President, though I will respectfully take my stand against any decisions which I disagree with.

  6. He had complete control over starting a war for no reason.

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