Now Comes the Hard Part: WAITING!

So I got up this morning to go vote and the wait was not bad at all. It took me about an hour to finally make it in front a voting machine. Everything ran smoothly, no glitches and I pleasantly surprised and pleased at the same time. It felt really good to see people from all walks of life going in to vote. My generation, that some Americans just cast off as just “hoodlums” and  “babymamas” came to cast their vote. The older generation who thought they would never live to see this day, came out to vote. Even the disabled and cripple came out. I overheard a woman who was bent over on a walker say to someone else, “I would have crawled in this building if I had to,” it made me smile. This is our time to make a difference- not just black people, but everyone. But for black people I am so proud to be apart of this moment- it makes me happy to see so many black people standing in line TO VOTE! To see us enthused about something positive again….Now here comes the hard part though, THE WAIT… Apparently, my state, VIRGINIA, Ohio and Pennsylvannia will be the deciding states in which who will win the election. Regardless of who win, I’m 100% positive that we did make a difference today, our vote does count. Now, on to the waiting…OBAMA ’08!!!pa260419


~ by THE QUEEN on November 4, 2008.

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