My New “IT” Shows

My new shows I must watch now are “Stylista” on The CW (or UPN before ANTM, 90210 or Gossip Girls came) and Real Housewives of Atlanta on BRAVO Channel. Since Project Runway and I Want To Work For Diddy went off, these two shows are keeping me entertained with all the extra drama!

Stylista is about aspiring writers/editors and fashionistas (and fashionistos) vying for a chance to work at Elle Magazine as Junior Editors and Assistants to Elle’s Editor-In-Chief, Anne Slowey. When I saw the premeire and how Anne Slowey was carrying on, I immediately thought of “The Devil Wears Prada” and Meryl Streep’s Anna Wintour character. I thought she was trying too hard to imitate the character from the movie. As far as the cast, my faves are Ashlie, Cologne, and Danielle..I can’t stand Kate and Megan- they both are getting on my nerves and I’m ready for them to go bye-bye :-).  Kate is too immature and whiny, and Megan is a HATER! I watched the episode last night and was pissed that she called Ashlie a “diva.” WHY THOUGH: because Ashlie is her biggest competition and she is hating BIG TIME. Anyhoo, Stylista comes on every Tuesday night at 9pm right after ANTM on The CW.

I’ve always watched The Real Housewives seasons, but I was particularly excited to learn they were gonna have a few sistas on this season. I love the  The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but sometimes I cringe at how superficial these wives are.   I feel like they are always trynna show how much money they have and how much stuff costs- real nouveau riche with it… Even though the show is entitled “Real Housewives” lets face it-some of the wives of past seasons had professional jobs. So I was disappointed that no one except Lisa had a real professional job. I wanted BRAVO to showcase black women who were married to successful men, but at the same time, they too would have their own and wouldn’t have to rely on their mates. On the New York cast, Ramona made it clear that she has her own life independently from her husband; she took pride in making her own money and didn’t have to rely on her husband, finance wise.  So it sorta disapoint me to see these women (with the exception of Lisa) rely so heavily on their wealthy husbands and ex-husbands, or in Kim’s case, sugar daddies, to live a wealthy lifestyle.

I do commend DeShawn for having a charity though, but I often question her motives for the charity. Is it really for the girls or for her own image?? And can someone PLEASE tell her its called JEWELRY and not “juree.” You can take the girl out the country…… In all though, I like DeShawn… she had her diva moment during the interview episode when the chick didn’t know who she was, but I like her. Out of all of them, she seems the most grounded…I hope the show don’t go to her head too much.

NeNe is a character MADE for TV! She tells it like it is and like her for that. I wish in the upcoming episodes she is shown more with her family, they seem real to me. Her husband is a business man, so I hope we can get to see more of what he does and what exactly the hell she does for a living. Sometimes though I want to throw her and Kim a bra through the TV screen because their ish is always hanging out! They are too old for that…and Kim is not 29…that is some bull****! She acts 29, but she’s NOT 29… and that half a wig gots to gooo!! Why is it so shiny like Barbie hair? It looks like its hard to comb..chick didn’t even try to blend it in with the rest of her hair…smh…

Lisa has the energy of a 9 year-old and has an entrepreneurial spirit I like. She always out trying to make her own money and I applaud her for that. Her and her husband are adorable, but I hope she doesn’t up like Sheree in a few years BLASTING on national television how much she expects to get from her divorce settlement.. Dumba**, smh… Thats how you don’t get a dime. Sheree is all about putting on airs and I’m not feeling her at all. She’s probably the most superficial of them all and then there’s Malibu Barbie Kim. I like Kim though…I just hope she quits it with this big poppa ish. This is not Sex & The City and you’re not Carrie. Carrie was single and had no kids to be a role model for. She’s running around talking about “Big Poppa got me this” around her daughters. What kind of example are you setting for your kids Kim? Get it together…

Sorry for the novel of a blog, lol. I always intended to make a post about this one show, but I decided to include it with Stylista since they are the only two shows I try to watch each week. Some people aren’t feeling Stylista though, but I do, and I will continue watching…Anyway, the Real Housewives of Atlanta airs at 10pm on Tuesday nights on the BRAVO Channel.


~ by THE QUEEN on October 31, 2008.

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