B SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘”Its the most wonderful time of the year…..”

Beyonce’s brand new singles,  the pop ballad, “If I Were A Boy” and the urban uptempo track, “Single Ladies” (Put A Ring On It) debuted Wednesday. Things weren’t different this time around for me. I am not feeling the ballad and just like past Beyonce singles, “Single Ladies” is slowly, but surely, growing on me. However, it won’t be long until I’ll be somewhere screaming my head off and running to the dancefloor when I hear it come on, which has always been the case for me with all Beyonce singles.

Also, she’s on the November issue of Essence Magazine and from what I’ve notice with this cover and the album cover of her new single, I think she’s trying to lay off the “extras” that have been associated with her since her solo debut: the lacefronts, pagentry gowns, etc. I hope this is not just wishful thinking from me and is really the case. I’m kinda tired of seeing the same look from her. She needs to reinvent her image. With the exception of Mariah Carey, every diva has had a different look/image for each album, lol. I hope she can bring something new to the table as far as her image goes, that means hiring a new glam squad. Otherwise as a stan, I’ll be disappointed :-(.


~ by THE QUEEN on October 9, 2008.

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