The VP Debate

I watched the VP debate and Joe Biden came out and did his thing and as far as Mrs. Joe six-pack/Darn Right/Can I Call You Joe?? up there…what debate did I watch differently from all these conservative pundits??? What job did she accomplish Thursday night?? Oh yea, she didn’t screw up atleast. That’s all I’ve been hearing from them since Thursday night. Chick dodged those questions Gwen Ifill threw at her like a crackhead dodges a meal. What she hadn’t already memorized, she went off on some tangent talking about energy and her usual hockey mom story. I don’t understand…When will people get it that this woman is NOT READY to become anyone’s Vice President!?!??! WORST CASE SCENARIO: what if a national crisis happens where McCain needs to travel overseas? There is not gonna be a “what to do list” posted up on the fridge for her to follow. She needs to know what the hell she’s doing and running a small state like Alaska is not gonna cut it. Joe Biden was confident up there and it showed; he knew what he was talking about…not reading off note cards his campaign wrote for him. According to CNN’s Campbell Brown, she screwed up on the pronuniciation of someone’s name, smh.. SO EARTH TO PALIN: YOU CAN’T CALL PEOPLE BY THEIR FIRST NAMES OVERSEAS, SO LEARN THEM! So all that, “can I call you Joe?” bull-ish is not gonna work with world leaders. May some Divine power be with us if Cheech and Chong are elected into office. I don’t know what I’ll do….well I do, but if i did wordpress would notify the C.I.A. so fast and you’ll never hear from me again, or even worse, my credit will be all kinds of messed up.

But on a more positive note, can Gwen Ifill get a handclap?!?!

She brought her A game Thursday night and it was nice to see a black woman play some prominent role in the 2008 elections. She brought up issues such as the crisis in Darfur that goes unmentioned by many politicians. And based on how she supposedly went hard on Dick Cheney at the 2004 debate, she really let Palin off easy. Matter of fact, Palin got off easy in so many ways for this debate….but I’ll leave that for another post.

I waited to post later on the VP debate because I knew my fellow UVA Wahoo, Tina Fey, would parody her again this weekend on SNL and she killed it! LOL…too funny! Check it out here


~ by THE QUEEN on October 5, 2008.

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