So after three political posts, I figured I’d give myself a break and do a fashion post. Shopping is always a stressful situation for me. I always have a hard time finding items in the stores that compliment my shape and height and keeping it within budget. However, luckily I know what works for me and what doesn’t and I’m here to tell you what works best  for your figure!

SO, I have divided the different female figures into four categories:

  1. Apple/Inverted Triangle- larger top, narrow bottom
  2. Pear/Triangle- narrow top, larger bottom
  3. Banana/Rectangle-Slim/ straight from head to toe
  4. Hourglass- large top and bottom, slim waist

APPLE-Considering I am an apple, I know a lot when choosing what works best for this shape. I personally believe women in this category have the most difficulty in shopping for apparel that compliments their shape. Women in this category typically have a large bust, broader shoulders, narrow hips and often times, a smaller butt, BUT ITS AIGHT THO’! ;-). The most important thing to remember for this shape is that you must balance the two. For example, if you choose to wear a short, crew-neck tee and tight jeans, your broad shoulders will be accentuated and broad shoulders is always synonymous with looking masculine. Therefore, by balancing, you give the allusion that your hips are in proportion to your shoulders. To accomplish this, try wearing wide leg trousers/jeans or A-line skirts with short tops or long tops with a skinny leg jean to balance them off. Avoid tops like capped-sleeves or anything that’s too busy around the shoulder area, like puff sleeves. As far as dresses, halters that tie around the neck are best; if you go the strapless route, try a dress that flares out or has pleats or rouching near the hips. Fitted jackets are your best friend, anything that clinches at the waist is key to create an allusion of an hourglass figure. For denim, try jeans that have flapped pockets and are low-waisted. Famous “apples” are Keyshia Cole and Toccara Jones.


PEAR-Women in this category are typically smaller on top and have narrower shoulders, but have wider hips and in some cases, a large bottom. For most women of color, having hips and ample bootay is like the getting the golden ticket! As a result, most women in this category make the biggest mistake.They confuse their shape with having an hourglass figure, however, an hourglass figure is balanced out on top and bottom and pear-shaped women have heavier bottoms and thus not proportionate to their tops. THEREFORE, pear-shaped women go out and buy the tightest clothing to show off their “curves” when in actuality, it does not compliment your shape at all. So here are my suggestions: FIRST, women in this category must make a decision: to show it off or not. Pear-shaped women should stay AWAY from any thing thats tight AND stop in the middle of your thigh. You must choose between one of the two, never wear something tight and short unless you trynna get noticed and believe me it won’t be for good reasons. High waisted jeans, skirts and pants look great on you; it compliments your figure. Unlike the apples, its ok for pears to want to broaden their shoulders just a bit, not too much. You can wear puff sleeved tops and whatnot. When looking for dresses, anything you can pull off, mermaid silouhettes and wrap dresses look great on you, but stay away from spandex! Famous “pears” are Beyoncé and J Lo.

BANANA-Women who have banana-shaped bodies are basically slim, straight with no curves and very proportionate. Typically tall, bananas are very versatile and can do no wrong. Women in this category should follow the same rules as apples when it comes to creating curves-anything that clinches at the waist and has detail near the hip are key. Sheath dresses are cute and so are wrap dresses. Wide leg and skinny jeans look best for your figure. Also, invest in a great push-up bra for low-cut tops and dresses.  Famous “bananas” are Monica and Joy Bryant.

HOURGLASS-Basically, hourglass women are like bananas except with a little more curves. The top half is equally proportionate to their bottom half. Like bananas, they can also do no wrong in what they choose to wear. They are different kinds of hourglass figures, from the petite to the apple bottom chicks. Women who have ample breasts and butt should be careful of wearing extremely tight clothing, as it can oftentimes look slutty, (ex. Kim Kardashian). There’s nothing else to say about the hourglasses, other than i hate you!! haha, just kiddingggggggg :-). Famous “hourglasses” are Halle Berry and Kelly Rowland.

In conclusion, regardless of what your shape may have, apple, banana, pear or hourglass, its all about self-acceptance! Whether you have too much butt or not enough, learn to love your body. It took a while for me to, I’m not gonna lie, but if you don’t love yourself than who will?

keep it sweet and classy!


~ by THE QUEEN on September 27, 2008.


  1. Hey Jess! This was very enlightening becuz I am one of the ones who get confused with the hourglass n apple shapes –i think I’ve got it. Still studyn myself lol

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