The Presidential Debates Part. I

The part one of three Presidential debates took place tonight. Tonight’s themes were foreign policy, national security and the current economic crisis, considering it has been the main focus on Capitol Hill for a few days. What I noticed from the debate was McCain’s focus on the past like its his security blanket, whereas Obama focused primarily on the future. Considering that McCain field of “expertise” is in foreign policy, I think he struggled to hold his own against Obama. Obama was great, his answers were to the point, although sometimes I think Obama should be more aggressive; less smiles, lose the Billy Dee Williams  charisma and just go hard one time, lol. Yet, we all know if he does that he’ll be labeled as the “angry black man,” so on second thought, NEVERMIND.

In wifey news, Michelle O. looked great! I wasn’t too crazy about the print on that dress but her hair was a just bouncin’ and shinin’ in the stage light. She has lots of stage presence which is key for any future First Lady!! And I loved the moment at the end when Barack went to greet her, it was genuine and not FAKE like McCain and fembot Cindy…he didn’t even want to embrace his wife,  how sad. I’m sure she doesn’t mind though with all that beer money she’s sitting on; she could care less, but maybe they should. I think the persona that these candidates carry out of the public eye says something about their true character. If McCain can’t even show love to his wife then how do you think he REALLY feels about Palin???  After seeing her interview with Couric, he’s prolly somewhere having second thoughts.


~ by THE QUEEN on September 26, 2008.

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