Is the McCain Campaign Pimping Palin???

Even though I am not a Republican and do not support the McCain-Palin ticket, I do find it offensive as a voter and as a woman how Palin has been denied to talk by her own camp on the campaign trail. There’s only 39 days I believe until we all cast our votes and voters have yet to hear the Republican VP candidate speak extensively on any issue. CNN aired a very interesting clip yesterday showing just how many times at press events when reporters try to ask her a question, they were followed by “thank-you’s” or in other words, “no questions for Palin, now get the hell out.” Yet, interestingly, reporters and cameras are allowed at these UN meetings long enought to catch on tape how world leaders compliment Palin on her looks. If Palin is not going to voice her opinions publicly on the issues, then doesn’t that undermine the whole purpose of her being selected as the first female VP candidate in the first place? We’ve seen her hold moose heads up and toting rifles in photos. The woman is pretty tough. Let her tackle the issues that haunts this campaign right??? NO?? Yet the only thing thats being tackled is McCain’s campaign pimping Palin’s gender, treating her like a “delicate flower” as Campbell Brown puts it. It’s obvious to me that Palin and McCain do not have a clue on what it takes to be in the oval office at this time, hence McCain’s decision to “suspend” the debate that he himself have been pressuring Obama to have since the very beginning. Why the sudden change McCain?? It would be reassuring to me just to hear them stammer on the issues at the debates so that my point will be validated, but atleast let her speak for once! We know how when Michelle O. was out on the campaign trail and voiced her opinions on the issues, she was viewed as a radical or how Hillary Clinton was viewed as too “masculine” during her campaigning, particularly by the GOP. The sexism needs to stop, if McCain wants his fembot, robotic wife Cindy to keep quiet and play the background, wateva, but women, especially politicians, should be able to voice their opinions strongly in the 21st century and still be considered feminine. Therefore, Palin needs to step up to the plate and play her position the right way.


~ by THE QUEEN on September 25, 2008.

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