90’s Throwback: Living Single

Waaaay before Sex & the City became the hottest thing since sliced bread a few years back, there were already four single ladies who lived in NYC long before Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda stepped onto the scene. Its always funny to hear the media praised Sex & the City as if it was such an ingenious show, yet Living Single had the same premise, just without the main character narration, foul-language and Jimmy Choo heels. Considering Living Single was an early ’90s show, I was only a kid when the show aired so I really didn’t understand some of the adult themes, but as a black girl I admired the positive images of black I saw of black women. There was the career-minded Journalist Khadijah James, the brazen professional Maxine Shaw, “Attorney at law” lol, the “boughetto” Diva Regine Hunter and the free-spirited/naiive Actress Synclaire James. While each character had their faults, as most characters do, these four black female characters didn’t possess any typical stereotypes we see associated with black women so often in the media. I grew up watching the show dreaming of one day living in a brownstone in NYC. (Ain’t it funny how on all the black shows they all lived in brownstones?!?! lol) Growing up, my favorites were Khadijah and Maxine. I liked Khadijah’s entrepreneurial side and Maxine’s wittiness and the idea she was an established lawyer-even though she stayed freeloading, lol. Being much older now, I see myself in all of these characters, I relate to them all.  I still say “woo, woo, woo” and “smooches” time to time, lol. Who was your favorite???

**TRUE STORY**-As I finish this, I turn to TV One and the reunion is on!!! Hopefully they will air the reruns.


~ by THE QUEEN on September 22, 2008.

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