SPEAK ON IT: “A Family That Preys”

So I went to view Tyler Perry’s (“Terry”, lol) latest movie, A Family That Preys last night and thought it was good, a typical beginning, middle, end Tyler Perry movie.  It felt too much like I was at one of his plays though, in which the plot was set-up, especially the climatic slap scene, lol. I seriously thought Madea was gonna bust through the doors holding her pistol to shoot somebody up. On a serious note, was I the only one who thought the film played on the slavery concept waaaaayyy too much? I mean c’mon, the plantation-looking estate, the rich white family, the poor black family, the overly religious, asexual black matriarch, the “affair” between the powerful white son and black daughter, the illegitimate biracial child they produced, the cuckold (English major! can’t help it!), emasculated black man and the white, “damsel-in distress” wife, etc., etc.???? Too many slavery tropes for me, I thought I was watching Roots for a second. Furthermore, I particularly had a problem with the Andrea-William love affair. While it was an adulterous affair, I particularly had a problem at how it was interpreted. IDK, I just kept getting this message that love can never exist between a powerful white man and black woman-that a white man would never “wife up” or legitimize a black woman through marriage, and these thoughts of mine were manifested in William’s wife dialogue to Andrea near the end of the film. By the way, my slavery concept was proven when the wife told Andrea that her “relationship” with her husband only go as far as a hotel room-away from public’s view. AGAIN, playing on the whole slavery concept that white slave owners raped or had relations with slave women in confined spaces-away from public view.

With that said, I still admire Tyler Perry as an artist, but sometimes I question his directorial approach these days, now that his films are becoming more mainstream. What do you categorized a Terry movie? I sensed in this film Terry had some struggle; struggling between keeping the film faith based, versus producing a regular film. Personally,  I want him to leave the melodramatic performances and soap-opera themes for his plays and step it up just a notch with his films; focusing more on strengthening his plots and characters’ developments without completely abandoning his roots. What do you think? SPEAK ON IT!


~ by THE QUEEN on September 20, 2008.

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