Brown Sugar Spotlight: Project Runway 5 Ladies

Considering that I play around with the sewing machine, I’m a die hard fan of Project Runway and I am particularly happy that this season there are two women of color (smiles) and their designs are hot! Here are their bios:

The first designer (and my favorite :-)), is Korto. She is a 33-year old Liberia native who attended fashion school in Ottawa, Canada. After school, she moved to a town outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, where she currently resides with her husband and daughter. According to Korto, she always keep the real women, with curves, in mind when sketching her designs. She has one win under her belt, which was the Olympics challenge. She’s my favorite designer because her designs are wearable; when they come down the runway, there are polished- COMPLETE- one could wear them right off the runway. They aren’t costumey and theatrical unless the rules calls for them to be(i.e., the Drag Queen Challenge). I love her- I am definitely expecting her to be in the top three to debut her collection at Fashion Week.

Next, is the eclectic Terri. The 39-year old Chicago native is a graduate of Columbia University. She worked as an Assistant Designer at Nordstrom and says that her favorite designer is Karl Lagerfield of Chanel. Terri’s designs are quite bold and different. She loves working with prints and she’s a big fan of pairing long tunic tops with pants I’ve noticed. She has the big personality on the show, quite opionated, but she hasn’t won a challenge yet, so maybe in the upcoming episodes she will.

Here are some of their designs which follows each designer’s picture. Don’t forget to catch Project Runway Wednesday nights @ 9pm on BravoTV.


~ by THE QUEEN on September 10, 2008.

One Response to “Brown Sugar Spotlight: Project Runway 5 Ladies”

  1. Terri just got voted off last week. And I’m so glad. Personally, I can’t stand her attitude. She can’t work well with other people, and she always has something negative to say. Good Riddance!

    Now, my girl Korto def. deserve a spot in the top 3, if not the top spot of the whole show!

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