MTV VMA’s 2008


The questions I have are:

  1. Why was it held on a school gymnasium set?
  2. Why were the performances so short? (i.e. T.I)
  3. Wasn’t T.I. first performance creative?
  4. Why T-Pain look like the black Lucky Charms cereal man?
  5. Why Rihanna tried to act like she did something MAJOR after just crawling on the stage for 3minutes during her “Disturbia” performance?
  6. Why is she so fabulous though?
  7. Who’s her stylist?
  8. Was Jamie Foxx drunk or high? or both?
  9. Who told Jordin Sparks her 11th-grade prom dress was okay to wear to the awards?
  10. Who told my gurl Xtina it was okay to rock those tight leggings after just giving birth a few months ago? She was too round in that area still, they set her up and I’m mad!
  11. How the hell Britney Spears win THREE! THREE awards for a song I don’t even know the title or how it even sounds?
  12. Why was Busta Rhymes there?
  13. Lil Wayne???
  14. And who was his date that he had to publicly shout-out right after his finishing his performance?
  15. Why nobody woke me up at the beginning of Kanye West’s performance?
  16. THANKS!
  17. Why he look like a recovering alcoholic?? 😦
  18. Why is Paris Hilton still relevant?
  19. Aren’t we glad Jeezy showed up in a Obama-decorated drop-top! My respect for him has gone up 10pts!
  20. Isn’t it safe to say Russell Brand won’t be making a return to the VMAs? Not because the crowd wasn’t receptive to him, just because he publicly endorsed Barack Obama. I thought he was great after that.
  21. Lastly, Isn’t it safe to say the BET has the best music awards show now? Well it was safe two years ago to make that assumption :-\

These are just my opinions. I so could have watched the entire US Open to see my gurl, Serena, take the #1 spot! Please feel free to add any of your own.


~ by THE QUEEN on September 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “MTV VMA’s 2008”

  1. I agree…that ish was lame. I felt bad for the host though, because a) I didn’t know what the f. he was saying most of the time, and b) I don’t think anyone in the crowd was really feeling him.

    What I wanna know is: Why was Lil Wayne jumping around like a fool during his performance? And was it just me or did he and T-Pain look a little tooo happy on stage together?? I know they are supposed to be close and all that, but really…T-Wayne?? Who came up with that mess?? And was Jordin Sparks seriously getting mad about the “promise ring” comment? Since when does not wearing a “promise ring” equal being a slut?

    Personally, I found the entire thing almost painful to watch and a total waste of my time. I fell asleep before it even ended.

  2. I couldn’t even watch the show all the way through. I stopped and watched Serena’s match. Jamie Foxx definitely looked like he was on something, he couldn’t even stand still. Why was the show held in a gym?? It was the worst show yet. And I loved Russell Brand. He went a little hard on the Jonas Brothers tho which I thought was great lol. Not that I don’t like them, but it was funny to me. And how in the hell did Brittany Spears win THREE awards. Everyone probably voted for her just so she would have to come back on stage. Probably wanted to see how her mannerisms were and whether she was going to do or say anything crazy. She did good tho, kept it short!

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