Serena Williams brought her A-game last night, defeating Jelena Jankovic to claim her third U.S. Open title and reclaiming the #1 spot after five years. I watched the last 10minutes of the match after the VMAs (sigh) went off, and saw Serena claim her trophy. Interesting moment was the presentation ceremony when Jankovic was asked by the announcer about the check and she tried to play it off as if it’s not about the money. Then as soon as Serena was presented with her 1.5 MILLION dollar check, Jankovic got in the announcer’s face asking, “how much did I get?” right into the mic. Everyone laughed it off, including the announcer, who said something along the lines of, “shouldn’t you know that by now?” Then Jankovic asked again, looking serious and then the announcer gave her a “fall the fuck back ho” look and gave the check to Serena. Funny moment.


~ by THE QUEEN on September 8, 2008.

One Response to “#1!”

  1. I was laughing at the same thing. That trick put on lip gloss after she lost the match and then put her head down in her towel. That was my first wtf. Then when she asked about the money, I was like are you serious?? haha..

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