Sarah Palin: What’s the Deal?

I tuned in to watch the RNC (Republican National Convention) and in between yawns, I managed to stay up to see miss hockey mom, Sarah Palin, deliver her dozens speech. As a Democrat, I had a lot of problems with her talking ish about Obama. First of all, someone should tell her that being a Community Organizer has many responsibilities and one of them deals with working with THE PEOPLE. Its very interesting to note that not only did Palin joke at the fact that Obama was a Community Organizer, but so did that shady Rudy Giulliani. This is how the Republicans really feel about people who serve our communities guys! :-\. And for the record, instead of obtaining any six figure salary job, Obama, a Harvard Law graduate and former President of the Harvard Law Review, CHOSE to become a Community Organizer and went out to help individuals in low income communities, including registering them to vote, establishing job training programs and removing environmental health hazards from Chicago’s public housing. But considering that Palin didn’t know what exactly a Vice President did, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t know what a Community Organizer does either. She talked so much ish about Obama that she forgot to tell us what the hell she would do as VP if she’s elected, yet she made it an effort to reiterate the fact that she’s a “hockey mom” and exploiting her pregnant teenage daughter and down-syndrome baby to attract votes from suburban, stay at home/working, white mothers. Maybe her pregnant teenage daughter should be a wake-up call to her that in the 21st century, just teaching abstinence is not enough.. ‘Til next time people..


~ by THE QUEEN on September 6, 2008.

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