1.Leather Jacket- I’ve been eyeing a leather bomber jacket for a while now. Not those bulky, leather coats of the past that were never cute on women, but sleek, form -fitting leather jackets made especially for women. I like its versatility. With a leather jacket, you are able to hold off on storing summer tops because you can wear them during the transition from summer to fall. On a cool night, you can rock a wife beater and jeans and then pair it with a leather jacket to complete the look. Instant fab!

2. Plaid- So I know what you’re already thinking, but hear me out. Plaid has always been synonymous with childish and preppy, but wearing plaid as a grown woman should be totally different than wearing plaid as a child, and you should try your hardest to make that distinction. Furthermore, it is how you wear it and what you wear it with that will keep it from looking childish. Personally, I suggest only wearing plaid tops, NO plaid bottoms! (i.e. skirts).

3. Layering…the Jewelry Kind. Think Kelis. This brown sugar hall of famer is always seen out and about wearing a multitude of jewelry. Avoid layering too much bold gold or silver necklaces, as it can look too gaudy. I suggest mixing up the costume jewelry with the good kind. Make sure that the necklaces you choose are at different lengths as well. And lastly, this look is ONLY, I repeat, ONLY, for when you are going out with the girls or out on a date. NEVER in the workplace or on an interview.

4. Return to the 40s & 50’s- So I decided to lump all these trends that I am seeing into one big category. From the return to floral prints, bows, lace, fur hats, antique-looking jewelry, rich colors and tones, to very structured do’s, like waves, pincurls and soft curls. In the 90’s, stars like TLC, Da Brat and the late Aaliyah made it popular to dress tomboyish with baggy jeans and sweats. In the previous years, women have been making more effort to look feminine. But this season and upcoming year, I think we are gonna see a change with women looking more ultra-glamorous á la Dorothy Dandridge and Billie Holiday. I predict a lot of looks that will channel the 40’s and 50’s. General rule of thumb: when channeling period looks, keep period pieces to a minimum; mix with modern looks to avoid looking too old. Here’s a pic that I think is the perfect example of combining the old with the new. Shout out to Brown Sugar fab chick, Chanel Iman!

5. Spandex Dresses- Thanks to Hervé Léger’s bandage dress, women have been dying to get their hands on a replica or anything similar to the tight fitting dress. This is a trend that I think I’m gonna be tired of seeing in the near future when it takes off, sorta like the thick belt and dress/shirt combo, so I think I’m gonna go get mine now before it becomes the club staple dress, lol. Stores like American Apparel and Bebe have made similar dresses available to the masses. These dresses are VERY tight and form fitting, so please, to anyone who is considering wearing this dress, PLEASE follow the following rules:
*Make sure you have the body and the confidence- this is not the dress to wear if you aren’t trynna get noticed. If you have a lil extra junk in the trunk or lovely lady lumps as I like to call it, keep it tight by following the next rule:

*Make sure you wear the right undergarments- this is crucial ladies! Don’t get it twisted; thong lines show too! Go for seamless or bodysuits (vickies make them)

6. Embellished Booties- grommets, rivets, and studs- shoe hardware such as these add instant edge and hotness to your look. Its mostly seen on pumps and booties. Looks great with a leather jacket 🙂

Riding Boots- Put away the Uggs until the snow and the pirate (over the knee) boots for now. Ri
ding Boots are what’s hot this season. These boots are very equestrian looking with flat or low heels. You can still pair jeans with this look, however, these boots are more casual.

8. Cutout Shoes- look for boots or pumps with cutout sections, for the fall, pair them with opaque tights. These shoes make a statement on their own, so keep everything else simple, but fab.

9. Belts- not those thick, patent leather belts that were popular two years ago and that I saw 10million times, lol. This season, belts are more refined and sophisticated. The hardware is more mature, intricate and vary in size. The belts also vary in width, with some being a thin as an 1/2″ thick.

10. LAST, but not LEAST! Drumroll please…………..

YOUR OBAMA TEE!!! Despite the fact that we will all find out who our next President will be in November, Barack Obama has already made it into history books for being the first black Presidential Nominee of any major political party, therefore we must acknowledge this in fashion and at the polls!! (ok, so I’m biased). We have seen brown sugar celebs like Beyoncé and Halle Berry wearing their Obama tees out on the town. Voice your opinion……VOTE!!


~ by THE QUEEN on September 6, 2008.


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  2. You know, I never got used to wearing my leather jacket. For some reason, it makes my shoulders look funny since im already broad enough! and I never seem to find any nice plaids for some reason that its frustrating

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